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Get a good read on your power bill

Your Grant PUD power bill is designed to to be simple. Take a look at this sample bill to see how we’ve organized your energy use and account information for easy access.

How to read your bill



Read your bill

Billing options


Paperless billing

When you sign up for ePay, you will receive your bill via e-mail. It’s easy, convenient and helps save resources.

Level billing

BudgetPay, our level billing plan, takes the guesswork out of managing your energy bill. Instead of rising and falling with the seasons, level billing means you know exactly how much your electric bill is going to be each and every month. (The monthly BudgetPay amount may require adjustments based on changes in a customer's power consumption and energy prices.)

To sign up, call us at (509) 766-2505, (800) 422-3199 or visit one of our offices. We’ll calculate your monthly BudgetPay amount and get your account set up. Then you can decide how to pay it each month, including having it automatically withdrawn with our ePay feature.


Low-income senior/disabled rate

Customers who meet Grant PUD low-income guidelines (below) and are either 62 years of age or have a qualifying disability may be eligible for a 20 percent rate discount on their electric bill.

To find out of you qualify, check the guidelines below or call Customer Service at:


1 $18,210 $1,560
2 $24,690 $2,113.50
3 $31,170 $2,667
4 $37,650 $3,219
5 $44,130 $3,771
6 $50,610 $4,324.50
7 $57,090 $4,876.50
8 $63,570 $5,428.50
Each Additional $6,480 $552

We're in the process of replacing manual meters throughout the county with advanced meters, which can be read remotely, without sending a meter reader to your home or business. This will help us work more efficiently.

Our new advanced meters, and many of the old meters are digital. They display accumulated power use in total kilowatt hours. You read them they way you would any number, from left to right.

A meter is like the odometer in your car. It displays accumulated power use over time. To check what you use in a billing cycle, take a reading on the first and last days of your billing cycle and subtract for that cycle's total energy use. 

Our oldest meters display accumulated power use via a series of dials. Read these dials from right to left and jot them down in that same order. If the pointer is between numbers, read the smaller of the two. If the pointer is directly on a number, look at the dial to the right; if the pointer on that dial has passed “0,” write down the number the pointer is on. If the pointer on that dial has not passed “0,” write down the smaller number for the dial you are recording. Read the numbers you've written down in the correct order — left to right — to get your first reading in kilowatt hours. Repeat this process on the last day of your cycle and subtract to get total power usage.


No matter what type of meter you have, advanced or not, we may need access to the meter. Please keep your meter accessible, so our personnel can have safe access in the event they need to reach the meter.



Fraud Prevention

Scam artists are increasingly targeting utility customers

Scammers posing as Grant PUD employees occasionally call our customers and threaten to shut off the power unless an immediate payment is made.

If you receive such a call, hang up, then call Grant PUD Customer Service at 509-766-2505 to verify the legitimacy of the call. Some scammers can even make an incoming call appear as though it is Grant PUD on their caller ID. These scams are a nationwide problem.

Read more about scammers' tactics here.


If you receive such a call:

Hang up and call our customer service number, 509-766-2505

Always verify the legitimacy of a caller

Never provide any personal information such as credit card numbers, banking information or Social Security number until you have verified the call is from Grant PUD.

Be cautious and aware of other tactics

Sometimes criminals pose as utility employees to gain access inside your home. Since your meter is on the outside of your home, we rarely need go inside. Never let anyone who claims to be from Grant PUD inside your home without proper identification. Call us to verify the need for the person to be in your home. If anything appears suspicious, call 911.

Billing & Payments
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